The Georgia Capital Community is a second generation member community using the i-Lab platform to create fully compliant solicitation venue for  early stage companies raising funds.  

Fully Compliant means members (Entrepreneurs raising funds) and Investors providing capital resources are vetted to confirm they meet the Georgia IGE and/or the SEC Reg A+, Reg C and Reg D standards.

Members.   The Capital Community is a member venue that enables entrepreneurs and businesses to create their unique Profile, plus one or multiple raises (Debt or Equity).   Other profile members of the GCC are Investors (accredited and unaccredited),  Funds (Angel), Investment Bankers and Venture Capital (VC)  

Functions.   The GCC provides members with advanced SEARCH and MATCH-Me functions based on profile criteria and needs.  In addition members can request to FOLLOW other members and when accepted receive full access to profile information, in addition to automatic updates with email notification.  

Back Office Functions.    The goal is to FIND and be FOUND.    When this occurs, members can store other member profiles AND raises in their back office, Group or file them for easy retrieval and management.       

Back-End Platform.   The GCC is designed to host and be the member community for multiple Georgia Organizations.  This means that Members create one profile and/or raises and participate and be FOUND in multiple organizations.    

Front-End Platform.   The Georgia Capital Community will serve as the on-ramp for companies and individuals  qualified to be admitted to the Trading floor and authorized to make trades on the secondary market called the Georgia Stock Exchange.   (learn more)

Georgia Capital Community