Georgia Brite Idea Network [GBIN] connects corporations, organizations and universities with Georgia's entrepreneurs, inventors and students.  
Start-Up Atlanta launched a Corporate pledge program for each corporation to review at least one entrepreneur per year.

 Georgia Brite Idea Network

Gorgia Brite Idea Network [GBIN].

Brite Idea Lab provides  the technology  backbone to connect the Idea "Submitters" to the idea "Collectors" (corporations, organizations and universites) 

Collectors assign a person to serve as the collector on Brite Idea Lab.  They create a  Collector Profile on Brite Idea Lab that defines their companies scope of interest and what ideas  they are seeking.

Idea submitters (entrepreneurs, inventors and students )  create their IDEA on Brite Idea Lab and SEARCH for Georgia Brite Idea Network Collectors.  They get a candidate set of ALL GBIN collectors enrolled.   From that candidate set they can select,  refine their search, or use MATCH-ME features to find the best suited collectors.

GBIN represents a Georgia "First' that connects the entrepreneurial community with State-wide  resources proving that Georgia is focused and committed to growing entrepreneurial and small business 

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