PEI Consulting. Private Equity Investment Consulting helps members validate and perfect their “investor-readiness” collateral.   The engagement provides an investor perspective of their existing materials to insure they are investor-ready. 

The goal is to insure that when entrepreneurs get that "first or second" date with an Angel or potential investor that they have "all" of their proof-items in order.   This is not a replacement for due diligence, but significantly help prove that early stage companies are prepared to manage a stockholder-based company.   

The PEI Review:      Investor Collateral for the second date

1.   Value Proposition
        a.  Elevator Pitch
        b.  Market Need Assessment 
        c.  Size of Market
       d.  Pricing Model 
       e.  Maegin Analysis 
        f.  How you make your money

2.  Competitive Threat Analysis
3.  Executive Summary

4.  Investor Summary

5.  Five Year Financial Forecast

6.  Five Year Income Statement Pro-forma

7.   Terms Sheet

8.  Valuation premise and support

9.  Cap Table showing existing ownership and full dilution

10.   Investor PPM

11.  Registrations and Crowd-funding conpliance

 Private Equity Investment (PEI) Services


Clients should have the first draft of the above investor collateral items.  The purpose of thePEI engagement is to review, edit and make recommendations on improving existing collateral - not to create the above collateral

FEE:    $2,500 plus $2,500 with successful funding within one year from any funding source

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