Pitch-A-Thon  is the Ritz Group's rapid fire Pitch Event to compliment Shark Attack.   Pitch-A-Thon features 12 companies,  who pitch for 3 minutes using power points,  followed by two minutes of questions from the audience.   The audience then VOTES one to five STARS texting on their Smart Phones.   The Votes are displayed on the Flat Screen for audience and pitching companies to see the immediate results.  If required, the audience can also VOTE on an overall Pitch-A-Thon winner.    Pitch-A-Thon can be an afternoon event before the Shark Attck Main Event, or it can be the Main Event at Innovation Stars.


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Pitching for CA$H.     Working with Angels or Fund Managers, Pitch-A-Thon can be the centerpiece for a PITCH for CA$H campaign to include the following
          1.   Campaign Development -  We develop the promotional material.  
          2.  launch the campaign to attract pitching companies by emailing to our over 2,800 candidates and 40 PR/Advertising agencies.
          3.   Screen the Applicants, per the Fund invesors "Sweet-Spot."  
          4.   Campaign Awards -  Cash for Stock - typically $100k cash award for stock at the last offering or a mutually negotiated share price.  
          5.   Conduct Pitch-A-Thon for 15 candidates with optional "live" event audience VOTING.
          6.   Optionally, the final Three can go head-to-head at a Ritz Group Shark Attack

Pitch-A-Thon TO GO.     Brite Idea Lab takes the the Pitch-A-Thon Pitch event on the road to corporations, organizations and universities.    The Pitch-A-Thon Event is hosted at remote locations    and promoted as a Fee Pizza and Beer Pitch Event by the sponsoring organization.   The format can be varied by the sponsoring partner.

Technoloy Infrastructure.    Pitch-A-Thon Event sponsors will register as "Collectors" on Bright Idea Lab to collect & select the 15 presenters, as well as manage all  applications received.   The audience will use the Lab Rat APP to vote on all companies pitching.  Voting results are displayed on the Event Flat Screen, as well as the pitching companies Brite Idea Profile.

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