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A virtual capital funding trade show platform that hosts multiple shows.  The Expo povides exhibitors with an electronic Booth that features a Flat Screen to display the exhibitors Power Video, as well as literature that is placed in the visitor brief case.  Exhibitors can maintain ONE booth and show in multiple events.  The Ritz Group uses the Capital Expo to showcase companies who exhibit at the Rtiz Group Monthly Networking meeting.    

                              Capital Expo Features ...
         Show is organized by Industry categories (aisles)
         Auditorium Videos organized by company growth
         Exhibitors create and self-post their e-Booths 
         Exhibitor back office records e-Booth visitors 
         Open 24/7 to maximize being FOUND industry resources
         Registered Visitors receive a show-bag to collect documents
         Search for Exhibitors by name 
         Host multiple Branded Events - Same Booth 
         Show and Aisle Sponsors 

Exhibitor electronic booth features...
          Logo and eBooth Selection 
          A video Power Pitch*
          Contact Information 
          Booth hours for "live" Chat
          Links to the exhibitors electronic collateral 
(Power Point, Elevator Pitch, Executive Summary)

* Note: The major “Sizzle Factor” with exhibitor electronic booths is
            their 1-minute video
POWER PITCH (elevator pitch, fund 
            or product infomercial)

Trade Show

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Virtual Trade Show for Capital

Capital Expo Aisles 
         Consumer Goods
         Food & Beverage
         Financial Services
         Professional Services
         Students *
         Junior Achievment *
                * Free - Sponsored Aisle  

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Exhibitors Available for "Live" Chat

The Capital Expo Sponsor Program was designed to showcase SPONSORS just like a physical Trade Show - starting at the Lobby, the Aisles and venues like the Auditorium or Lounge.   For pricing (click here