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PEI Consulting. Private Equity Investment Consulting helps members validate and perfect their “investor-readiness” collateral.   It begins with an investor perspective of the existing materials to include the Executive Summary, the Investor Summary, 5 year financial forecast, 5 year Income Statement pro-forma, the terms sheet, valuation premise and CAP table defining existing and post raise ownership. (Learn More)
Power Pitch. Today video to SELL your raise is a must. It is a 1 minute Power Pitch that introduces you and your company to the investor. Video is the key first step to get investor attention and the follow-on second meeting. Whether you do this with a tablet or have your Power Pitch professionally produced - it we can help insure your elevator pitch and video is powerful.  For more information on Ritz Group Video Services click here  (Guidelines},  (Pitch Boot Camp),  (Professional Services). 

Animation Video. The Animation Video is for companies who want to go the extra mile to impress an investor or an audience. It is a one to one and a half minute video that defines the industry and the “Need” you are trying to address. Besides providing a great Introduction, the Animation Video immediately launches you into your “Pitch” because the listener truly understands what challenge you are addressing.   Now, the focus is how you are going to accomplish the mission.   Animation Videos are professionally produced and require coaching on defining your script plus completing the voice-over and animation.   The Ritz Group Services provide the professional expertise to plan and complete your Animation Video.   (Contact Us)

Angel Meet-Up.   Ritz Group Angel Meet-Up is a custom Pitch Event scheduled and organized by industry.   Companies present their Investor deck.   Industry Group Leaders or the Ritz Group Services Partner reviews  each pitch to insure it meets the highest investor standards.  Presenting  Companies, Ritz Group IGLs and the Ritz Group Services Partner promote the event to qualified Angels who invest in this indusry.   (Learn More)  

Blue Chip.   Ritz Group Blue Chip companies are special designated companies that the Ritz Group confirms have passed the Ritz Group "Investor-Readiness" certification.   Our goal is to provide a preliminary, pre-funding round of investor due-diligence to review and make sure all of the companies investor-readiness materials are ready.   (Learn More)  

The Ritz Group is committed to helping Entrepreneurs navigate the “Red-Zone” or final twenty yards to secure their capital fund raise.    Our goal is to provide professional expertise to help early stage companies be prepared to get and succeed on that “Second-Date.”   Our focus is to insure that you are fully prepared to succeed in this critical engagement - and others that will follow to complete your raise.    Our fee-based Professional Services provide you the expertise concentrate in three critical areas

Resource Collective.   The Ritz Group Resource Collective provides investors and member companies with a list of trusted resources that are in the market of launching early stage companies once they have funding.   (Learn More)