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Gross Reality Radio Show

        Larry White on the Ritz Group 12/19 ( click

        Dara Armstrong on Crowdfunding 04/22 (click)

The Ritz Group

         Larry White Business Radio X  8/5/2013 (Click)
         Larry White Peachtree 200 Show 9/5/2012 ( Click )

         Larry White Business RadioX Show 9/6 ( Click) )

         Jim Duffie  Business RadioX  Show 9/19 ( Click )

Crowd Funding  

         Larry White Business RadioX  9/12 ( Click

         Nowstreet Business RadioX    9/9 ( Click )

         Ritz Group Sharks on Business RadioX 4/18 (Click
         Inside the EpiCenter - Crowdfunding with Mith Schlimer 
                   4/25 Dara Albright and Candace Klein (Click)
                   4/25 Maurice Lopes and Jonathan Wilson (Click)

Mitch Schlimer

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Ritz Group "Sharks" at Biz RadioX

Ritz Group Radio: Ritz Group Blog Radio started and hosted by Tres Crow in 2014 represents an outstanding medium to feature entrepreneurs, Angels and great causes. All shows are recorded creating an “On-Demand” archive of topical content that is posted on the Ritz Group, the Radio Station and Sponsor sites. Each show requires a Sponsor ($500) who can actively participate in the show. The Ritz Group will manage all show production - to include selecting the theme, show format and ideal guests.

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