4:00 to 5:15pm prior to Healthcare Shark Attack
Designed to introduce entrepreneurs and investors to a NEW methodology for setting-up and managing a private equity shareholder company. Our GOAL is..

  1. Demystify today's complex practice for structuring a shareholder company
  2. A NEW real-world view of valuation - initially and for down rounds.
  3. Managing down stream raises without dilution
  4. Focusing on what's key to investors - their ROI and your execution
  5. Taking the lead investor role so others can follow
  6. Managing the shareholder value through exit.

We address these issues in our NEW Angel Academy, but also believe we can show you a NEW model and methodology that will get you there in a little over an hour.

The goal with both the Academy and the Workshop is to " fund more companies by creating more Angels "

We will introduce a NEW program that will enable you, or other Angels, to take the "lead" crafting the investor terms sheet, while also providing an independent component of investor due diligence.

We will show you how this NEW program can be driven by the Entrepreneur or by the investors. We will introduce a new program that not only helps both sides set-up the private equity venture, but help manage it through inception to exit.