Brite Idea Lab is a cloud based MATCH platform serving as an open Innovation portal connecting entrepreneur ecosystem.

Like popular dating sites Entrepreneurs, with IDEAS, ventures and small businesses create a mini-or maxi profile with Match Criteria to "match" with Investors, corporations, product and services providers.

A members Match Criteria defines their "needs or wants" to be Matched with other members Match Criteria defining their "Haves, Shares or Sell."

Brite Idea Lab enables entrepreneurs to add unlimited ideas, business identities, in addition to providing a back office and dashboard with a modern Outlook-type GUI to manage matches and follows, plus dissimate matches to colleagues

         Stay tuned:     Launch date for Brite Idea Lab 2.0 is  October 2018

 Brite Idea Lab 

i-Lab is the private white label SAAS branded platform for managing internal Innovation pipeline of IDEAS from employees, members,  or students in corporations, organization and universities. (Learn more)

i-LAB is a white label, SAAS Match platform that serves as the internal version of Brite Idea Lab for Corporations.   i-Lab manages the internal pipeline of Ideas/Innovation  within a Corporation.  Ideas come for all segments of a corporation, to include strategic partners and affiliates and are matched to internal collectors (Innovation Authorities) and department collectors (R&D, Biz Develoment, Innovation Master Mind Groups, internal, or external Innovation Centers.     When linked to the public-facing Brite Idea Lab portal, corporations can source and manage Innovation internally and externally.       

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