1.  Who are you?   hi my name is  Jane Doe.  I am the Founder of Acme, Inc.

2.  Why are you here?   I am raising $250,000  for  10% of the company to launch our latest product called "Gizzmo" that will ...compete with Google and change the search world as we know it today                     [The hook - got my attention...I will listen]

3.  What are your qualifications to make your claim?    I was an Olympic swimmer for Canada and began my corporate career with IBM.  I was an officer for XYZ before becoming one of the founders of ASK.  When sold to Microsoft - I left to form Acme.  I have built a team of engineers that I recruited from....    OK - You have the right-stuff to pull this off]  

4.  The Need?   Our vision is.......We need a consumer opt-in Search to tailor and deliver content                                [The value proposition]       

5.  Where are we today?......... We have completed our product prototype and have a letter of intent from Apple.  Our sales team is in place... and our revenue for this year is......boards consist of...    [Progress report on where you are in the development cycle - VITAL]   

6.  Next steps.......Launch our ............   
                      [Pipe-dream or realistic given the above?]

7.  Business Model.......Our 5 year market sales projection is $50 million.   This is based on selling .001% of the $200MM computer users a one time subscription of $25.   Exit in 5 years to a major player (x, y or z) is over $500MM and that should maximize our IPO or Exit valuation multiple.          [How do we make our money & Exit hockey stick/]     

8.  Needs to get there.......The $250,000 will be used to.......
[Fund Sources and Uses - where are you spending my money?]

9.   Return..........To date we have raised...... the $250K round is projected to yield ___x.  To achieve our $50MM in revenue, we will raise an additional $5 Million and we project valuation to be 250MM based on an EBITDA of 35% and current industry multiple of 4x.  
[Investment return with consideration to future dilution?]     

10:   Closing Statement:   We have been conservative in our investor revenue projections.   We are bullish about our... team, timing and chances for market penetration.  Our investors can be....active or passive.    Please contact us at    www.mysite.com

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