Corporate Partners 

The Ritz Group partners with Corporations to foster Innovation and connect the entrepreneurial world with the Georgia's corporations. 
The Ritz Group has Four  active programs.   They are as follows: 

1.    The Annual Corporate Shark Attack at the City Club where the three judges (Sharks) are corporate executives and the presenting companies (Bait) have businesses that sell to, or seek strategic partnerships with corporations.   

2.   Remote Judged Pitch Events for Corporations.   The Ritz Group will hold a Corporate  or Celebrity Shark Attack,  or an Innovation LAB,  onsite as a stand-alone pitch event,  or integrated into a corporate event.    The Ritz Group partners with Corporate Foundry  to produce one or two day events to launch or celebrate Innovation programs for employees and/or external open 360 public entrepreneurs and inventors. 

3.   The Ritz Group is the founder of the Georgia Brite Idea Network and works with community partners and Brite Idea Lab to create an Innovation Network connecting Georgia Entrepreneurs and Inventors to Georgia's corporations, organizations and universities.
  4.  The Ritz Group founded the For Georgia  (4GA) for profit company to license and  produce  Shark Attack for TV (SATV).   SATV has two uses in the Corporate Innovation arena.   They are the Public TV Show version and the private web-casting version to recognize and promote internal employee innovation.  

Shark Attack for TV is unique enabling the viewing audience to vote, purchase consumer goods, donate via Crowdfunding and purchase securities through the Georgia IGE.  

Companies apply on-line via Brite Idea Lab and go through a Boot Camp to insure they are pitch-perfect, loaded correctly on the Show eCommerce site and registered  on a crowdfunding venue, or the Finance Georgia IGE platform.    

For Georgia (4GA) provides the licensing, pre-production (Boot Camp), production (Studio Shoot) and post production (Editing) to produce a series of half-hour shows for the Licensee.

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