The Ritz Group mission is to create an environment that fosters capitalization for early stage entrepreneurs.   Capitalization is in the form of debt and private equity securities.   Step one is to create an environment to "Showcase" the Entrepreneurs.  Step 2 is insure early stage, emerging companies are Investor ready.    Step 3 is to provide them access to capital funding  resources.

Partnering with the Innovation Fund insures the "best-of-the best" companies in the Ritz Group has access to a funding source and most importantly, the Ritz Group has a clear understanding of exactly what criteria are required to consummate funding with the Innovation fund. 

Fund Manager and Board.    Success in any Fund is based on the experience and credentials of fund manager and Board.   The Ritz Group Innovation Fund is lead by a seasoned fund manager, expert in raising funds and exceeding  investor  expectations.

Funding Criteria.   The second essential ingredient is the caliber and selection criteria the Ritz Group uses to screen and electronically incubate companies seeking private equity funding.   What is addressed is the not only the funding terms, but the full spectrum of resources required to accelerate growth to achieve funding milestones.   The Innovation fund focus is more than technology, but concentrates on Industry disruptive concepts in vertical markets like consumer goods, medical, neuro science, food & beverage, entertainment and more.  

Fund Investors.   The fund is created by investment from Angel Investors who are both active and passive in funds placement,  as well as mentor funded  companies.  The fund is also connected and engaged with institutional  Wealth Management organizations seeking to diversity their client management investor portfolios. 

Funding Process.   The application process will be managed and vetted by the Ritz Group.  Companies will be investor certified to become Blue Chip Companies while others will be submitted directly to the Innovation Fund management  team.         
Company requirements will include successful prototypes, completion of successful Beta testing., and/or revenue.       

Innovation Fund  

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