Sponsor-Partners is a new approach to launching events that benefit Georgia's Entrepreneurial eco-System. This business arrangement leverages the Ritz Group non-profit, technologies, presence and connections within the eco-system with for-profit Sponsors who fund, staff and promote a specific Event showcasing their commitment to supporting Georgia's Start-Up eco-system.

The  Capital Expo is a unique,  exclusive Ritz Group Trade Show Venue that enables entrepreneurs to create a virtual Exhibitor Booth that looks and feels like a physical Exhibitor booth.   Exhibitors select their eBooth style, colors, load their LOGO, 1 minute Power Pitch on their eBooth flat screen display, as well as load their handouts for visitors to place in their show brief case.   Booths are organized by Aisles and visitors can SEARCH or preview exhibitors by aisle.   Ritz Group uses the Capital Expo to host their monthly networking Event Exhibitors - extending their exhibitor experience beyond the physical networking event. 

Sponsor Partner Program

Capital Expo 

Brite Idea Network is a Sponsor-Partner project to connect Georgia's Entrepreneur community with Georgia's corporations, universities and major organizations.     Mayor Kasim Reed and Start-Up Atlanta have issued a challenge for corporations to pledge to interview one entrepreneur this year.   The Brite Idea Network provides the technology backbone to connect and manage that relationship - State wide.     Like 4GA,  the Georgia Brite Idea Network represents another "Proof-Item" that Georgia has pro-active programs to foster entrepreneurs and small business growth. (Learn more

4GA is a non profit to manage and launch the Ritz Group Shark Attack program to a local TV Affiliate with a 1/2  hour TV Show.    The show will feature  5 companies and 3 ICON Sharks showcasing over 260 of Georgia's "Best"  entrepreneurs.   Hosted by the Ritz Group's Shark Attack  EMCEE   Bob Rathbun , Sports broadcaster for the Atlanta Hawks, the program will enable the audience to vote, purchase consumer goods products and invest in the companies listed under the Georgia IGE.    This Sponsor Partner project creates a market for the IGE and provides a major chamber of commerce "proof item" that Georgia is pro-active in supporting entrepreneurs and growing small business.    (learn more)

The Resource Collective is a collection of companies that provide "Trusted" services for early stage companies.   The program recognizes that most early stage pre-seed round companies  Boot-Strap resources and have "run the wheels off"  prior to their first round of Angel funding.   The Ritz Group Resource Collective provides the products and services to help them launch after funding.    For investors, the Ritz Group is recommending funds be earmarked to use "Trusted" Resource Collective companies to reduce RISKS in controlling  post-investment spending.    Resource Collective companies are proven and will insure the post funding launch is implemented with companies that can provide the scale, expertise and price.     (Learn more)

The Ritz Group Radio was launched in 2014 and represents an exciting media to promote entrepreneurs,  investors, projects and in general "what's happening" on the Atlanta entrepreneurial eco-community.     The major advantage is the radio show "content" is posted on the Ritz Group site , the blog radio station and  often on the guest sites.      Sponsors can actively participate during the show with on-the-air personalities, spokespersons and selecting the show theme.   Radio sponsors can support one show or a series of shows, in addition to posting the show archive on their own website.   (learn more)

For Georgia (4GA) 

Georgia Brite Idea Network (GBIN) 

Ritz Group Radio  

Resource  Collective  

Event Sponsorship  

Event Sponsorship provides a focused program for Sponsors to be identified with supporting a specific entrepreneurial event. Sponsors also provide a key ingredient to promote the event within their marketing and PR circles.  
The Ritz Group is organized around vertical industry segments - such as Entertainment, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Neuro-Science, Medical, and Technology... to mention a few. We have Investment Group Leaders (IGLs) to manage the entrepreneurs and investors in each GROUP. Currently, we have the following themes for the Ritz Group monthly networking and Shark Attack events. They are Entertainment, Start-Ups in the City - our women-only Shark Attack event, Corporate Shark Attack where the Sharks are Corporate Executives.
Remote Site Programs. Can't come to the Ritz Group - We will come to you with two programs for corporations, organizations and universities. They are Corporate Shark Attack and the Innovation LAB.      Corporate Shark Attack follows our proven format used in over 30 Ritz Group Shark Attacks. We produce the Shark Attack event or partner with Corporate Foundry to include a celebrity or local ICON Corporate Shark Attack into a one or two day Innovation Event. The event is ideal for launching a corporate innovation program, or celebrating a programs success.

The Innovation Lab. The iLab Event is our remote "Pitch" event designed to attract the more informal "Fee-Pizza and Beer" crowd. The Ritz Group has partnered with Brite Idea Lab to produce and manage the event starting with "event collectors" on the Brite Idea Lab public portal to collect and screen iLAB pitch applicants, plus "Live" event VOTING on the Event Flat Screen powered-by the Lab-Rat APP. Like Shark Attack, the Innovation LAB can be a stand alone event, or incorporated into a one or two day event with our partner Corporate Foundry, (learn more)

The Capital Expo is uniquely set up for Sponsors.   Sponsors can advertise in the main event LOBBY, bi-plane fly-over,  or sponsor an aisle.  The Sponsor Partner program addresses the multiple Event hosting feature of the Capital Expo.   This means physical Trade Shows/Events can brand their show in the Capital Expo and feature  virtual eBooths for their physical exhibitors.   Prime Sponsor Partner examples are  Venture Atlanta and the proposed Georgia Start-Up Trade Show for 2017 at the Cobb Center.   The unique advantage for eBooth Exhibitors is they maintain ONE booth and when event owners approve them - they can automatically appear in multiple venues.    (learn more)

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Georgia Capital Community (GCC)  

Georgia Capital Community is a Sponsor-Partner project to provide Georgia's Entrepreneur community with a state-wide capital venue to raise Private Equity and debt funds.      The Capital Community is powered  by i-Lab private label SAAS Platform.   It is the backbone for managing the member commjunity for multiple organizations - beginning with the Ritz Group.   This means Entrepreneurs need to only post ONE raise and be featured by multiple organizations and their members.   The second feature is the GCC becomes the front enc to certify Investors and traders entering theGeorgia Stock Exchange Floor. (Learn more