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The Capital Community is a private Reg D compliant social media platform tailored to Georgia's private equity fund raisers and capital investors.

Membership in the Capital Community is $99 per year for entrepreneurs, investors, rainmakers and  service providers.   Capital Community members get in FREE to all Networking Events.   All member types are identified on their Capital Community Profile.   The Ritz Group recognizes service providers can play an important role in accelerating new business investment qualifications and deal making.

Premier Members pay a $199 annual Fee.   Premium members  are Featured on the home page, as well as receive FREE access to nine (9) monthly networking events. 


Each Capital Community member creates their  community Profile (individuals and/or businesses/organizations) containing a home page, wall, links to their electronic collateral, plus their investment stage or investment criteria.
The Capital Community provides the SEARCH criteria to FIND and be FOUND using investment criteria and/or industry segment.   Each member sets their privacy settings to control who has access to their information. 

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Capital Community members create their profile Home-Page, blog, post events, videos, photos and
their private networks of colleagues (staff members, advisors, boards and potential investors).

The Capital Community platform enables Members to invite Colleagues and accept colleague invitations. Posts can be tagged for member or colleague-only viewing. "Likes" are also available to support fund-seeking companies.

Investors can promote their funding interests, or set their privacy to Confidential defining only their investment criteria. Companies meeting that criteria can request permission to be a colleague of that investor. This request prompts the investor to review the companies profile and accept or reject (with reasons) their request. Investors can check if they are qualified or non-qualified. The Ritz Group is also working on "best practices" for third party certification validating investor "accreditation"

Groups (pre-approved) will be created to showcase other Georgia state-wide capital organizations and special interest groups. Members can "click" to join Groups.   Groups have a home page containing links to their electronic presence. Groups also have a Comment Wall and Forums for Group members.