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Show Sponsor 
Show Sponsors will be featured with a click through LOGO on the Capital Expo website Home Page, the Capital Expo Regisraton and Sign-In page, the Lobby and the Auditorium              $2,500 per year pre-launch price          

Capital Expo

 Capital Expo Sponsor Program 

Lobby Sponsor
Lobby Sponsors will be featured with a click-through LOGO on Show Lobby.   
                            Flying Airplane    $2,000 per year      Lobby Sign      $1,500   per year 

Aisle Sponsor
Aisle Sponsors will be featured with a click-through LOGO  in their  designated Aisle              $1,000 per year
                (Note:   A maximum of 2 background Aisle Sponsors per Aisle)

Aisles:   Technology, Consumer Goods, Education, Medical, Crowdfunding, Government, Entertainment, Financial, Manufacturing, Professional, Non-Profit, Inventors, Students, Junior Achievment

Auditorium Sponsor
Auditorium Sponsors will be featured with a  a ckick-through LOGO on the Auditorium Background       $1,500 per year

Student and JA Aisle Sponsor
A maximum of two Sponsors will be featured on the Student Aisle and the Junior Achievment Aisle   $2,500 per year