Ritz Group ANGEL  Fund

The  Ritz Group ANGEL FUND in partnership with the Seraph Group (ATL and SFO), plus other Fund Partners is created to offer Angels and Entrepreneurs multiple choices in securing debt and private equity capital.

The ANGEL FUND will enable Ritz Group Accredited Angels to invest in national companies selected by the Seraph Group and also co-invest (sidecars) in Seraph pool companies and/or  in local Ritz Group pool companies selected by the Ritz Group ANGEL Fund Board.     

The major exclusive for Ritz Group Angels is lower minimums investments, plus side car options to invest in for local Ritz Group Angel pool companies.   Co-Investing options enable Angel Investors to leverage their pool-play blended ROI.    Co-Investing exits are also paid at the time of the exit reducing the pool completion period. 

Ritz Group Angel Fund.   A private equity fund partnering with the Seraph Group to include Pool Play and Co-Investment Options with the Seraph Group and Ritz Group Pool Companies, plus other Ritz Group Fund Partners.  

Entertainment Fund.   Partnering with RoadShow Entertainment fund to provide Ritz Group LP co-investment opportunities   
Syndication Services.   Partnering with Gross Capital to provide Ritz Group LP co-investment opportunities with coast-to-coast syndication       
Debt Services.   Partnering with JNJ Capital to provide entrepreneurs with options to raise bridge rounds with new and innovative non-bank debt instruments with and without conversion options.
Bridge Fund.  An interim funding option to raise capital to grow the company to qualify for a Series A from Angels,  Angel Funds or Venture Capital.  The Ritz Group Draw Bridge Fund is designed with deferred interest, conversion discounts and exit warrants.  
RA+ Exchange.    A Reg A+ Title IV public Trading portal for Reg D offerings where companies that meet IPO standards can sell shares to both accredited and non-accredited investors.  

Service Partners.    Ritz Group third party independent Service Partners provide optional equity capital services tailored to meet the Entrepreneurial client requirements.   Services can be contracted by the company raising capital or the capital source.    .  

Angel Fund Structure