The Ritz Group sponsors the Angel Club for accredited Angel Investors in the Buckhead Metropolitan business community.   The By-Invitation-Only Angel Club meets on the last Wednesday of each month for lunch at the City Club of Buckhead 3343 Peachtree Road in Atlanta, Georgia, 30326.
The Angel Club luncheons are designed to expand private equity investment interest and confidence through Angels sharing their personal investment experience.   Invited guest/s will share current issues and topics related to “Smart” Angel private equity Investing.

Ritz Group President and CEO, Larry White, stated that seed-round funding is, and continues to be, the Achilles heel of Georgia’s private equity funding food chain. In the Valley and major cities, this GAP is fulfilled by Entrepreneurs and Investors exiting and taking lucrative lead seed rounds for new early stage companies. Yes, they are playing with “house money,” but mitigate risks by forming familiar teams consisting of ex-founders and syndicate partner teams with proven track records. Of course, we do some of this in Georgia, but need to close the GAP with more early stage lead Angel round investing. The Angel Club is designed to foster Angel investing collaboration and confidence. We believe this will lead to more funding engagements in early seed round companies. Creating more confident Angels will lead to funding more companies.

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Introductions:         Attendees introductions and statement on Angel Investments they are currently engaged

Hot Topics:              A group share to identify any of the NEW trends or "things" happening in our ecosystem. 

Guest Speaker:      The goal is to provide more insight in a specific market, cause or project impacting our ecosystem

Angel Education:    Provide attending Angles with the insight into the latest trends in Angel Investing.


Angel Club Agenda


Investment BLOGS:     Providing Angel Club Members with Investment topics to continue the investment discussion.  Topics are often derrived from discussion topics generated at the Luncheon.        

Larry White,  President & CEO Ritz Group

Who's on First?    Defining the Capital Arena

What's on Second?   The Valuation Variant

You Want to do What?   Lower Members, Revenue and EBITDA forecasts to make the stakeholders happy

 A BRIDGE to Far?    Or, maybe the smart strategy

Want a Guarantee - Go to Midas?    New debt loan idea for  smaller players

The goal of the Angel Club is to foster more Angel Investing through Angel-to-Angel information sharing and collaboration.   It is a non-pitch forum designed to support and inform Angels on “best practices” strategies from existing Angels who are engaged in the process.  We talk "deal flow."   It is an informal, low key approach, to perfecting successful strategies, minimizing risks, sharing investment information and testing new concepts among peers. For more information on our Agenda and Angel Education scroll down to preview our agenda.

There are NO Angel Club dues or fees.  Accredited  Angels attending  Angel Club  luncheons  pay  for  their lunch and gratuity via cash or credit card.     Membership in the City Club  is  NOT required.     Non-Members of the Ritz Group can attend one meeting as a guest.   Each  luncheon  will  be  sponsored  by  one  local Sponsor, in addition to the City Club and the Ritz Group. 

           For more information on the Angel Club - contact Jim @ritzgroup.org or Larry White at Larry@ritzgroup.org.

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