Brite Idea Lab is the Ritz Group's public-facing platform enabling our Members to reach out to the community and the world for HELP, plus also build our portfolio of new companies and eco-system resources.   It is match.dot.com for Innovation on a global stage.  Brite Idea lab is where Entrepreneurs "submit" their ventures and ideas, plus NEEDS to be matched with corporations and resources who have an interest, or can provide free and fee-based services.

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The Ritz Group is a Non-Profit Member Association with over 2,500 Members who meet nine months a year on the second Thursday of each month,  from 4:30 to 7:30pm at the City Club located in the heart of Buckhead. 

The Capital Community is the exclusive Ritz Group Private Reg D compliant Member Community for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Sponsors    It is where Entrepreneurs and companies raising funds POST their raise and solicitation offering.   This includes their Elevator Pitch, Power Pitch and Executive Summary.    It is where they can FIND and be FOUND By Ritz Group Investors.   Ritz Group Investors post their business credentials defining their investment interests.  Sponsors solicit their services  (Free and Fee) to both investors and entrepreneurs

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COSTS:  Their are two (2) Capital Community Membershp offerings. They are STARDARD and PREMIER
              Standard Membership      $99/Year 
              Premier Membership        $199/Year

BENEFITS  Deals stay Private and solicitations for securities are not subject to JOBS Act SEC  public solicitations.  Capital Community Members get into the monthly networking meeting FREE of charge.    Premium Members get a Gold Badge and one exhibitor Booth, plus they are featured on the Capital Community member website.  

COSTS:  Brite Idea LAB has three different Pricing plans - one for submitters, collectors and services providers.

                   Submitters (Entrepreneurs, Inventors and Students)        $4.95/month
                   Collectors  (Corporations, Organizations, Universities)     $25.00/month  plus  $50 one time charge
                   Service Providers (Selling products & Services)               $50.00/month  plus  $100  one time charge 

Brite Idea Lab is the Ritz Group Members "Window to the World" enabling Members to "Match" and "Search" based on preferences and needs, then "Follow" and manage their portfolio of IDEAS and member PROFILES.   

Members who want to PITCH at a Ritz Group Shark Attack or Innovation Lab event can apply at either the Ritz Group Website under PITCH TANK or with Brite Idea Lab under Shark Attack or Innovation Lab "collectors"   Pitching at a Ritz Group event is always FEE.    For Shark Attack the three "Best" companies (BAIT) are selected via the Virtual Pitch Tank session where they present their 4" Elevator Pitch..  Shark Attack companies ware required to be a Member of the Capital Community so members can review their securities solicitation offer.   Companies applying to Innovation Lab need only to be a "solicitation"member of Brite Idea Lab.     (Pitch Tank)      (Brite Idea Lab)  

Capital Community Members can exhibit in the main Atrium of the Ritz Group at the monthly Networking and Shark Attack Meetings.   Exhibitors get a 6-foot table and can use their table of free standing signage,  Exhibitors display products, demo and/or play sales or investor Decks..  It is the best way to be found, findd investors, as well as resources that can help or provide referal contacts.  (Exhibit)

The Ritz Group Focus is on the Red Zone of Private Equity Securities Funding.  This is the 20 yards before obtaining your first equity-based funding round.   Bootstrapping means most companies have run their comanies on fumes while they search for cash   The first security raise is not easy and the Ritz Group provides a series of FREE and Fee-Based services to help companies become Investor-Ready.  

Industry Group Leaders (IGLs) are industry advisors and provide  mentoring for Consumer Goods, Medical, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Technology, Neuro-Science, Publishing, and Women Entrepreneurs.  Fee-based services provide Entrepreneurs with review services to help them navigate that final 20 yeards of equity funding.   (Services)  .

The Ritz Group provides 3 Sponsor Packages promoting the sale of goods and services from Service Providers.   They are the Ritz Group, The Resource Collective and Sponor Partner Programs.   (Details)

COSTS:    The Ritz  Group is Non-Profit and never charges Entreprenturs to "Pitch"    Membership is FREE.   Event Door Charges for Members to attend Events varies. 

                 Networking and Shark Attack:         Pre-Register  $20       At the Door  $25
                 Innovation Lab Pitch Event              FREE   (including Pizza and Beverage)

BENEFITS:   The Ritz Group is a pro-active member of the Atlanta entrepreneurial eco-system and member of the ATDC Community Partners.   The Ritz Group believes fund raising is not a one venue or one time event.  It requires extensive participation in multi-community organization and events.   The Ritz Group electronic and physical presence helps members be more informed and ready to acquire resources to grow their business interests.   

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