A.   Sign-up to be a "Collector" on the Brite Idea Lab - the Ritz Group's public-facing platform enabling our Members to reach out to the community (and the world) for HELP.  Brite Idea Lab is how the Ritz Group builds our portfolio of new companies and eco-system resources.   Brite Idea Lab is a match.dot.com for Innovation on a global stage.  Brite Idea lab is where Entrepreneurs "submit" their ventures and ideas, plus NEEDS to be matched with corporations and investors who have an investment interest, or can provide free and fee-based services.

Step 2.   JOIN The Ritz Group Capital Community


Step 1.    JOIN The Ritz Group  (its FREE)  

This is the Investors STEP-by-STEP Guide to maximizing their presence as a Member of the Ritz Group

A.  Sign-Up and JOIN the 500+ member  exclusive Ritz Group Private Reg D compliant Capital Community for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Sponsors    It is where Entrepreneurs and companies raising funds POST their raise and solicitation offering.   This includes their Elevator Pitch, Power Pitch and Executive Summary.    It is where they can FIND and be FOUND By Ritz Group Investors.   Ritz Group Investors post their business credentials defining their investment interests.  Sponsors solicit their services  (Free and Fee) to both investors and entrepreneurs

A.  Sign-Up and JOIN the 2,500+ members of the Ritz Group to receive monthly newsletters, Blogs and announcements on Ritz Group Networking, Pitch Events, as well as programs and services to improve your investor portfolio

Investor Check-List

Step 3.  JOIN Brite Idea Lab 

Brite Idea Lab

Capital Community

Ritz Group

COSTS:  Their are two (2) Capital Community Membershp offerings. They are STARDARD and PREMIER
              Standard Membership      $99/Year 
              Premier Membership        $199/Year

COSTS:  Brite Idea LAB has three different Pricing plans - one for submitters, collectors and services providers.

                                       Collectors        $25/month plus a $50 one time fee. 

COSTS:    The Ritz  Group is Non-Profit and never charges Entreprenturs to "Pitch"    Membership is FREE.   Event Door Charges for Members to attend Events varies.                   




B.  Create your Profile and add your company LOGO.  Set your Security Preferences and remember - the Profile is about you the Angel Investor or your Angel Pool or Angel Group with a fund.  

C.  Drag your Home Page to the top of your Profile, then add your Fund or Pool  Header above your mini description of your Investment interest. 

Note  I want to be a PRIVATE Investor!   Easy.  Leae the Generic photo, post you want to be anomoyus in the Description fields but make sure your categories are filled out to enhance your being found on SEARCH by entrepreneurs.

D    Option:  Post your Blog or additional electronic collateral to define your investment interest and sweet spot.  
E.   Join a GROUP that matches your industry or business interests

F.   Search for Entrepreneurs in your sweet spot and issue colleague Requests to FOLLOW key members (Entrepreners and Investors)                                           
G.  Search for yourself to make sure you can be FOUND


B.  Create your Profile and register your companies Profile as an IDEAL.  Set up your Security Preferences.  

C.  Create your IDEA profile to include a mini-description of your Investment interests with a more complete synopsis in the Full Description.  If you want to be private or more stealth, keep the Full Descripton information Private.  (Don't check the Public Box)   

D    To showcase Investment Groups, pools and funds, post your Video and photos, along with Pitch Decks and other Investor collateral.  This stays Private untill you accept a FOLLOW request. 
E.   Insure your Match/Search Preferences plus business categories and NEEDS match your unique investor requirements.  

F.  Search for Profiles of Colleagues and add them to your Saved Profile back office portfolio.   Be sure to GROUP them to easily review your saved profiles.