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1.  The SECRETS of Successful Investor Funding.  ($695/$500/$380* per company - 2 Attendees per company included)    A one day mini-camp  to  immerse entrepreneurs in today's private equity fund raising process.    Raising funds beyond friends and fools has migrated into a very specific methodology and that differs from coast-to-coast. Paths to success differ based on your industry, your stage of growth and your geographical area.  The goal is to prepare the founders to manage a shareholder-based company.
Some companies seemly skate through the process, while others struggle to bootstrap until extension. Timing is everything, but there is no substitute for thoroughly knowing the Capital Drill and carefully designing a detail strategy to raise funds,  while you complete key proof items essential to secure your next round of funding.  The challenge is to de-mystify the raise process (Learn More)

2.   FastTRAK your Raise.  
($2,250/$1,250/$1,000* per company - 2 attendees per company)
  A two day Accelerator Boot Camp is designed to perfect investor collateral, valuation, plus provide indept founder training on  how to create and manage a private shareholder company.   The Boot Camp is hands-on session designed as a preparatory private equity course for companies raising their first seed or Series A Round and have created their Investor Collateral.  The drill is a true "Press-to-Test"  to validate investor readiness.  (Learn More)

3.      Investor-Readiness Audit ($2,500 consulting service)
A formal 20 Step Audit of your Investor readiness with your Founders team to validate your companies value proposition followed by a review of your physical collateral (website, products, & printed material), plus Investor collateral (Exec Summary, Financial pro-formas, Pitch Deck, Terms Sheet and Cap Table) to identify GAPs and consistencies with your value proposition. Verbal assessments will be supported with a written recommendation on positives, red flags and course corrections.

5.    Sponsor-Broker Services. (Services Agreement)
The challenge The challenge for companies requiring Sponsor dollars as a major part of their revenue model, is to find, sell and close major brands. This required extensive skills, knowledge of the major brand marketplace and frankly - connections. Sponsor-Broker services outsource this critical mission to experts in the major brand marketplace. The process begins when the entrepreneur defines their Sponsor opportunities (product, event, or cause) followed by potential brand exposure, reach and ROI. This SPEC is then placed in the sponsor-broker network to qualify potential sponsor candidates, seek agreement, negotiate terms and close the deal for the entrepreneur.

4.       Capital Management Services (Turnkey your Raise) (Quote)
A turnkey  Capital management practice for companies raising a bridge round and/or Series A or B rounds that pass a strict Investor-Readiness screen and that meet the criteria for managing the raise through Atlanta, regional and national syndication.
The program has two optional Phases based on a candidates investor readiness. Companies with investor collateral meeting standards can opt-in for Phase II only.

PHASE I: Investor Collateral Scrub with CAP Table Modeling to determine the minimum valuation criteria (Members, Revenue and EBITDA) to hit the investor ROI expectation with full dilution. The delta between the Operational Plan and the Investor Plan represents the Investor upside return potential
PHASE II: To provide the capital raise leadership and management on a fractional basis to include valuation and terms research, plus design and assembly of the resources required to execute the raise to insure full compliance. Managing the actual capital raise, with today’s standards, is often beyond the scope of today’s CFO, legal, accounting firm and/or local broker. However, these resources, along with a comprehensive strategy to syndicate the full raise among multiple investors is required. Step 1 is to design the raise strategy, the team, sources for capital placement, plus lead the execution to achieve results and/or modify the plan based on feedback.


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The Ritz Group Investment Accelerator recognizes that raising seed round funding is a complex drill that represents a major challenge for companies raising their FIRST equity round. Also, the equity raise process is one that, in today's environment, exceeds the reach and resources traditionally offered by legal, brokerage, organizations, co-working space/accelerators, universities and often the skills of many entrepreneurial teams.

Investment BLOGS:     Providing Angel Club Members with Investment topics to continue the investment discussion.  Topics are often derrived from discussion topics generated at the Luncheon.        

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