Dick Teters 
Colonel (Ret.)  


Ritz Group .  

The Event will begin at 4:30p with Networking and Exhibits in the Atrium followed by the main Shark Attack Event at 5:45p

Thanks to our Sponsors, this event will be FREE to Veterans as well as Ritz Group Members  Remote "Live" Access and Archieve will be broadcast by Livestream

Veteran Shark Attack

JOIN us November 9th at the City Club of Buckhead  for our  third annual Veteran Shark Attack.   The event will feature three distinguished ICON Sharks who are veterans vs. four Veteran-owned Companies pitching for seed and Series A Private Equity Capital              


William (Bill) Crossley  

Robert P. Wright.  

Rear Admiral (Ret,)

Brigadier General (Ret.)  

Honoring the Following Organizations  

(Remote Presentation)     

A Sports & Entertainment SAAS platform providing professionl and collegiate arenas/stadiums  with a suite of digital APPs to enrich their FAN's national and game day experience.

A sleep-aide capsule using a new patent-pending process that releases natural ingredients at targeted time during the sleep cycle.  The capsule, marketed under the brand name Enliven will be sold via the eCommerce market and through big box drug stores.  

Polyport is an exclusive patent-pending encryption platform enabling creative'  from the game, film, media, entertainment, studios, corporations and artists, who need to outsource design work to third parties, to protect their IP from piracy.  

Captained by a former marine and four (4) time world record holder for ocean crossings, Cup Royale is a reality media production to set the around-the-world speed-boat record for Team USA.     

Presenting Companies (Bait)

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