In 2012, the twenty-eight year old non-profit launched Ritz Group 2.0 with a successful Shark Attack that featured over 70 ICONS (Sharks) and over 110 entrepreneurial companies pitching for seed funds. Ritz Group 2.0 created Industry Group Leaders, who conduct a themed Shark Attack for entertainment, consumer goods, food & beverage, education, women, veterans, in addition to technology. Angel Club was launched to accelerate peer-to-peer learning with fund managers and accredited Angels at a monthly luncheon. In 2017 Ritz Group 3.0 will launch five (5) new programs targeted to help fund more companies in 5 major industries.


Innovation Stars


Shark Attack

Angel Club

Investment Accelerator

Draw Bridge


A virtual Accelerator Network where the BATCH is the Top 100 later-stage companies (STARS), plus 50 Future Stars are submitted by an exclusive network of PARTNERS from leading funds, organizations, co-working space and accelerators. The GOAL is to fund and accelerate exits. Match technology is used to “connect” the Innovation Stars network with the Georgia ecosystem to accelerate resource matching and deal flow syndication.  (learn more

A sponsored rapid-fire pitch event where the companies present their three minute power point pitch and the audience votes “live.” The Ritz Group produces Pitch Contest Campaigns with cash and/or stock awards for Angel and Fund Manager Innovation Star Partners.

Our monthly networking main event showcasing vertical Industries to include Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods, Veterans, Corporation (B2B) and Technology. Three Industry ICON Sharks “judge” thee early stage companies pitching for equity funds

By-Invitation-Only monthly luncheon for Accredited Angels and Fund Managers to foster peer-to-peer information and investment sharing, plus an honored guest to educate and inform.

A formal program with KSU Entrepreneur Center to validate a company’s VALUE PROPOSITION and report the findings to companies and investors. KSU uses a formal “Think Tank” team approach to challenge the market, price, competition and risks. Independent second opinions are always valuable for new concepts or major pivots - especially if the target audience includes millennial's.

A debt funding GROUP within the Ritz Group for Entrepreneurs raising BRIDGE round funding, plus organizations, angels and commercial financial institutions providing bridge/debt funding.

A formal, structured Program that packages the eight (8) essential elements into a strategy to accelerate a company’s equity investor readiness, make investor presentations and consummate funding

Ritz Group 3.0 for 2017